A downloadable game for Windows

You have 20 seconds to stop the mighty Blant from destroying the world.

To do this you can use:

Time Control - slow down, speed up and even reverse time to your advantage

Rockets - blast crystals and propel yourself to great heights

Move - WASD / Arrow Keys
Jump - W / Up Arrow / Space
Control Time - Scroll Wheel
Pause or Resume Time - Middle Mouse Button
Fire Rocket - Left Click

Game made for the GameMaker 20 Jam #GM20
Thanks for many years of making games with GameMaker!

Graphics, sounds, code and font made during the jam.

Install instructions

Download Unrewind.zip, then unzip and run Unrewind.exe, have fun!


Unrewind.zip 5 MB
Unrewind Project Files.zip 10 MB


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I hadn't played a game that uses the "rewind mechanic" so well since Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. A very challenging and satisfying puzzle platformer that gives life to cinematic manoeuvres (i would be curious to play it with a fully animated character). Very nice "geometric pixel art" too. Kudos!

Thanks! A fully animated character would be awesome :]

I really like the idea and the way you realize it! I think that with some tutorial level it can be more enjoyable because it's really hard to play :D

Yeah, it definitely needs a tutorial. I was hoping to make a tutorial and some more easier levels to give the player a chance to learn but ran out of time (for some reason you can't slow down time in real life). Thanks for playing!

I  could't beat the boss but i did  two successful attacks on him  XD. The game feels like a combination between  braid and super meat boy :D 

I might try later to actually defeat him

I really liked  how the sounds and music shifts as the speed changes or reverses. I also appreciate games where every point is a checkpoint ^__^

Haha yeah, I like being able to almost instantly try again. Thanks for taking the time to check out and play my game :]